Light, Juicy, Sweet

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Through Onyx Coffee Importers, we have partnered with a team of female producers around Huehuetenango. This year, ELLA is a blend of coffees from three women-owned farms: Jovita Castillo, Finca La Joya Grande in Santa Rosa, Nuevo Oriente, Rita Cohen, Finca Santa Rita in Fraijanes, and Sofia Plocharski, Finca Armenia Lorena in San Marcos. We are incredibly proud to partner with these women and share this delicious coffee with you!

"Across Guatemala, women are the majority labor force on coffee farms, from picking to export. And around the world women comprise up to 70% of farm work while owning disproportionately few assets and land. Despite limited access, discrimination and violence, many women have forged their own paths for their families through their coffee farms. As a part of our initiative to diversify our sourcing, provide market access, and highlight the stories of powerful women, we bring you ELLA - Women Producers of Guatemala." 

Ella is a light, juicy, and smooth coffee. With splashes of bright, citrus flavor and a well balanced finish, it has quickly become a favorite in the SRRC tasting room. Love this coffee? You can also enjoy a strong component of ELLA in our Lithium Blend. 

ORIGIN       Guatemala

REGION      The Highlands of Huehuetenango

PROGRAM   ELLA - Women Owned Farms

PROCESS   Washed

ALTITUDE   1400-1750 MASL

CULTIVARS Caturra, Catucai, Bourbon

Tasting notes: bing cherry, shortbread cookie