Frequently Asked Questions

(...and answers from the roasting team!)

Do you REALLY roast everything to order?

Yes! We take pride in ensuring that your coffee is as fresh as possible, which means we keep absolutely no back stock of roasted coffee. Whether you order online or pick up a bag at the local market, you can rest easy knowing that coffee is fresh. We even write the roast date on every bag so you know exactly when your coffee was roasted. 

Do you roast coffee at the cafe?

We have a designated space where we roast and it is separate from the cafe but is still here in Jackson. We do work closely with the cafe on ensuring all our fresh roasted coffee is brewed to perfection. We provide coffee to the cafe and to our local partners right after it is roasted.

How soon should I expect my coffee after I order?

Thanks for hopping in the Roaster’s Line! We typically roast all coffee the next day and ship it out in the afternoon. Usually, your coffee will be on the road or ready for pickup the next business day. The roastery is closed each Saturday and Sunday, along with major holidays. 

Does your coffee contain any allergens?

All coffee available on our website is 100% coffee with no added ingredients. 

After roasting, how long will my coffee stay fresh?

We recommend brewing your coffee within three weeks of it’s roast date for optimal deliciousness. However, we have found that the flavor last for months if it is stored properly. 

Speaking of storing coffee properly, how do I do that?

Coffee prefers a cool, dry, and dark place in a sealed container. Your kitchen cabinet in the sealed coffee bag is perfect. The coffee community has mixed advice about storing coffee in the freezer to preserve freshness but we all agree it’s a definite NO on putting coffee in the fridge (dampness isn’t something that coffee thrives in). 

What are green coffee beans?

Green coffee is how we discuss coffee before it is roasted. Almost all coffee has a green hue before it goes in the roaster. All of our coffee is green before it arrives at the roastery and we roast it up. 

Where does SRRC source green coffee?

We source our coffee all around the world through our importers. Our coffee comes from Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, just to name a few regions. We love to source from women producers as well as farmers that are making social and environmental strides in the coffee world. We cherish our relationships with our importers and farmers! 

I can’t find the coffee I loved, how do I get it?

Our coffee menu changes with the seasons and some roasts are only available at location. If you can’t find something you love shoot us a email at hello@snakeriverroastingco.com and we will help you out with a stellar recommendation! 

Still have questions? We love to help! Send us a message at hello@snakeriverroastingco.com