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At the heart of our mission lies a steadfast dedication to principles that define us: advancing sustainability in our field, nurturing strong ties within our community, and continually seeking to elevate every aspect of our work. These guiding principles shape our approach, from the careful selection of our coffee beans to our active participation in local endeavors.

a promise in every pour

Our commitment to Jackson Hole extends beyond coffee. Mekki's board work with local nonprofits not only deepens our community impact but also aligns with our practice of supporting these groups through sales from seasonal blends, a reflection of our belief in the transformative power of businesses. Every sip not only offers local flavor but also aids community growth.

a flavor for everyone

We take a distinctive approach in specialty coffee, crafting varieties for every preference, from bold French roasts to lighter blends. Our goal is to make exceptional coffee universal, a philosophy that complements our community efforts, uniting people with the power of great coffee.

a commitment to tomorrow

Stewardship and sustainability are at our core. We're committed to environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing, ensuring our coffee not only tastes good but also does good. Our partnerships reflect this, from local initiatives to global coffee sourcing, all aimed at a sustainable future.

a craft in every cup

Quality and craftsmanship define our approach. Each batch of our award-winning coffee is a testament to our dedication to excellence. From careful sourcing to meticulous roasting, our passion for coffee shines in every cup, ensuring a premium experience for our customers.

a passion for the outdoors

Our love for coffee, the outdoors, and mental adventures merge at Snake River Roasting Company. Inspired by Jackson Hole's rugged beauty, our coffee embodies this adventurous spirit. Catering to enthusiasts of all kinds, we bring the essence of the Tetons into every brew, igniting both physical and imaginative journeys.

a promise of


Our hallmark is exceptional service, shaped by Mekki's legacy of unparalleled customer experience at Outpost. We prioritize rapid, forward-thinking responses, making clients feel valued. Driven by a commitment to client satisfaction, our service embodies dedication, tenacity, and a relentless pursuit to exceed expectations.

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Our mission extends beyond providing exceptional coffee. We believe in the power of partnership to drive meaningful change. If you're inspired by what we do and see a potential synergy, let's connect and explore how we can unite our efforts for greater impact.

JH Community Housing Trust

We commit 1% of coffee shop sales to Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust, bolstering the town's vibrancy and its residents' well-being.


We support One22 with donations, aiding community stability and enriching lives through diverse, empowering local initiatives.

Center for the Arts

Through donations and board participation, we help foster a space where art thrives, reflecting Jackson Hole's spirit of excellence.

Dancer's Workshop

Supporting Dancers' Workshop, we champion innovative dance and performance art, nurturing Jackson Hole's artistic vibrancy.

Onyx Coffee

Through Onyx Coffee, we bring Guatemala's finest beans, honoring their commitment to ethical sourcing and rural community support.

Jackson Hole Land Trust

Our donations and board work help protect Northwest Wyoming's natural landscapes for future generations.

Jackson Hole Youth Soccer

Supporting Jackson Hole Youth Soccer as a board member and donor, we help provide quality coaching and scholarships to young athletes.

Teton County Search & Rescue

We support Teton County SAR with donations, aiding their crucial rescue efforts and volunteer training.

Skating Club of Jackson Hole

Supporting Skating Club of Jackson Hole in nurturing a passion for ice skating, fostering athletic grace and community spirit in Jackson Hole.

Hole Food Rescue

We support Hole Food Rescue's mission to combat food waste and hunger, distributing nutritious rescued food to Teton County families in need.

JH Indoor

Backing JH Indoor, we help enhance community wellness and fun. Our support aids in providing a premier sports and fitness facility for all.

Figure 8s: Moises Nava

Backing Moises Nava, first Hispanic Figure 8 race winner in Jackson Hole, symbolizing our commitment to community and adventure.

Rotary Club of Jackson Hole

Backing Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, we support vital local projects from environmental clean-ups to educational enhancements.

Grand Teton Music Festival

Elevating Jackson Hole's culture with support for Grand Teton Music Festival's world-class musical journeys and educational outreach.

Snake River Fund

Supporting Snake River Fund, we aid in safeguarding the river's ecosystem and enhancing public access.

Jackson Hole Youth Basketball

As a board member and donor, we're committed to nurturing young talent and promoting sportsmanship in the community.