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Dark Roast

Jackson Hole, widely known to have been the favored hideaway of thieves, outlaws, and "bad men" in the early days, now offers an espresso roast that pays homage to its sinful past! In the spring of 1886, four strangers came to Jackson Hole to mine stream beds along the Snake River, which was believed to be rich in gold. What began as an adventure ended in the gruesome and vengeful murder of three gold miners by a resentful member of their party. The darkest of our espresso line is named after this dark, dark night in 1886.

Now the site of a favorite launch for Snake River scenic floats, Deadman's Bar, is a wickedly haunting reminder of the early days of Jackson Hole. Dark, traditional, and boasting big body, this espresso roast speaks to the history of espresso roasting and the sometimes dark mythology of the wild west.

Tasting notes: bittersweet chocolate, pepper, peanut