February 16, 2024

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Same Farm, Different Beans: The Surprising Variability of 'White Spider'

Same Farm, Different Beans

The Surprising Variability of 'White Spider'

Written by Mekki Jaidi

Photos by Taylor Glenn

Updated on February 16, 2024

Harvest to Harvest

Coffee beans, much like grapes in winemaking, can exhibit different flavors from year to year, even when grown on the same farm. Each harvest brings its own set of challenges, especially when striving for consistency in a signature blend like 'White Spider.'

Mekki Jaidi, formerly in New York finance, founded Outpost in Jackson Hole in 2014. He expanded into O2 Cleaning, Terrain, and Provisions. In 2021, he acquired Snake River Roasting Co. He actively contributes to the Jackson Hole community through nonprofit work and lives there with his wife, two daughters, and son.​

At Snake River Roasting Co., we face the intriguing task of adapting to the natural flavor variations of coffee beans, year after year, to ensure that 'White Spider' consistently delivers its renowned taste profile.

espresso roast


Summit Savor

Named after the thrilling White Spider climb at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, our White Spider blend is an adrenaline rush in a cup. Roasted in the high elevations of Jackson Hole, this medium espresso blend embodies the climb's boldness. It offers vibrant flavors of salted caramel, brownie, and sweet cream, perfect for espresso, drip, or French press. Embark on your daily adventure with each energizing sip.

Navigating Coffee's Natural Variability

Understanding the natural variability of coffee is crucial in our quest to maintain the distinctive quality of the 'White Spider' blend, as each element from farm to harvest plays a pivotal role.


Environmental Influences

The terroir – encompassing soil, climate, and altitude – plays a vital role in shaping the flavor nuances of coffee beans. These factors can vary significantly from one season to the next.

Annual Flavor Dynamics

Like wine, coffee beans are subject to the whims of nature, leading to varying taste profiles in different harvest years. This variability requires a keen understanding of how each year's conditions affect the beans.

Embracing these natural variances with expertise ensures that even amidst fluctuations, the 'White Spider' blend delivers its signature experience, year after year.

Cupping: The Key to Quality Control

Cupping sessions are critical in our roastery. They allow us to assess the unique characteristics of each harvest, guiding our approach to roasting.

By meticulously tasting and evaluating each batch, we can detect subtle flavor shifts and plan our roasting strategy to maintain the 'White Spider' blend's integrity.

Precision in Roasting for Consistency

Achieving a consistent flavor in 'White Spider' involves careful adjustments in the roasting process.


Roast Profile Tuning

We analyze each batch's response to heat and adjust roasting temperatures to enhance specific flavor characteristics while compensating for annual bean differences.

Drop Temperature Control

Fine-tuning the drop temperature - the temperature of the beans at the time they are released from heat - is crucial for achieving a consistent roast level across batches, especially when dealing with beans that have varying moisture content due to seasonal changes.

Roasting Time Management

Varying the roasting time helps in developing a consistent flavor profile, ensuring that the resulting coffee meets the 'White Spider' standard.

Batch-to-Batch Comparisons

Regularly comparing new batches with previous ones ensures that any adjustments made are keeping the blend on track.

Through meticulous roasting adjustments and continuous quality checks, we ensure that each cup of 'White Spider' upholds the exceptional standard our customers have come to expect and love.

The White Spider Promise

The journey of maintaining the 'White Spider' blend’s quality is a blend of science, art, and a deep understanding of coffee’s natural diversity.

Our commitment goes beyond mere blending; it's about embracing and mastering the intricacies of nature to deliver a consistent, exceptional coffee experience with each batch of 'White Spider.' It's this meticulous attention to detail that defines our passion for coffee.

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