March 15, 2024

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Icons and Identity: The Branding Journey of Snake River Roasting Co.

Icons and Identity

The Branding Journey of Snake River Roasting Co.

Written by Mekki Jaidi

Art by Ilka Hadlock
Photos by Mekki Jaidi

Updated on March 15, 2024

The Outpost Origins

In late 2018, Outpost contracted Ilka Hadlock of Ilka Graphics to create visually engaging maps for their welcome binders. These maps were designed to be more than just navigational tools; they were to encapsulate the spirit of the Jackson Hole experience.

Each map, tailored to different areas where Outpost has vacation rentals, featured icons representing activities, landmarks, and local food establishments, offering guests a quick, visual guide to the area's highlights.

Mekki Jaidi, formerly in New York finance, founded Outpost in Jackson Hole in 2014. He expanded into O2 Cleaning, Terrain, and Provisions. In 2021, he acquired Snake River Roasting Co. He actively contributes to the Jackson Hole community through nonprofit work and lives there with his wife, two daughters, and son.​

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Ilka's Instagram Reveal

In January 2019, a pivotal moment unfolded when Ilka shared the complete collection of icons on her Instagram. This display wasn't just a series of individual symbols; it was the first time these icons were presented as a collective, offering a rich visual tapestry of Jackson Hole.

This showcase resonated with me deeply as it captured the diverse character of the area in a unique and memorable way. At that moment, while their potential application was not yet clear, these icons represented a distilled fabric of the Jackson Hole spirit, waiting for the right opportunity to come alive.

The Beginning of C&C Chefs LLC

As the pandemic's challenges inspired Chef Clark Myers and Chef Chas Baki to innovate, C&C Chefs LLC was founded (April 2020). Representing the two Cs in their venture's name, they initiated a food delivery company in response to widespread closures in our town.

My desire to join C&C Chefs LLC stemmed from a long-standing affection for the culinary arts, making it more of a personal passion than just a business venture. Joining forces with Clark, a friend I met through basketball, and Chas, whom I got to know along the way, I saw an opportunity to blend this personal interest with a new, exciting business model.

The Partnership

Initially, Clark and Chas were hesitant about my request to join as an equal partner. In my proposal to C&C Chefs, I envisioned leveraging Outpost's platform, primarily catering to tourists, to expand their services. This included offering meal deliveries and private chef experiences, specifically tailored to enhance the vacation experience of Outpost's guests.


When Clark and Chas agreed to bring me into the fold, I eagerly dove into the branding aspect. For me, food has always been about community - it's a shared experience that brought together my family and friends, creating bonds over shared meals.

I saw the icons as a perfect embodiment of this sentiment. They visually represented the variety of experiences and places that often become the centerpiece of our conversations and memories around the dining table.

Refining the Brand

The branding for C&C Chefs, with its playful icons, served well for a couple of years. However, as the business evolved and catering became its core, the need for a new, more polished brand image arose.

This shift marked a gradual move away from the initial icon-based branding, reflecting the changing focus and growing sophistication of the chefs' services.

A New Era at Snake River Roasting Co.

At Snake River Roasting Co., our branding initially emphasized the river imagery in our name, balancing "Roasting Co." and "Snake River" equally. However, realizing the importance of highlighting Jackson Hole's allure, we shifted our focus to prominently feature the Tetons and the river.

This more polished approach was in line with Provisions' vision. Reflecting on it later, I felt this style was too serious for our essence, leading to our decision to adopt the more vibrant and approachable icon-based branding.

Recognizing the potential of the icons for a fresh branding direction at Snake River Roasting Co., I reached out to Provisions for permission to adopt these icons as we transitioned our branding strategy.

The Iconic Story's Conclusion

The adoption of the icons in our branding signifies more than just an aesthetic choice. To me, they embody the array of activities and experiences fueled by our coffee, whether it's kickstarting the morning or providing a mid-afternoon boost. These icons capture the lively, dynamic energy of our community.

For visitors, they're not just symbols but mementos of their experiences in Jackson Hole, reminders to be savored with every sip of our coffee. This playful and vibrant branding approach resonates deeply with people, echoing the energetic spirit of our brand.

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