January 3, 2024

Extraction — Home-Brewed: The Ultimate Cold Brew Guide

Home-Brewed: The Ultimate Cold Brew Guide

Mastering Cold Brew in Your Own Kitchen

Written by Mekki Jaidi

Photos by Taylor Glenn

Updated on January 3, 2023

In the midst of a chilly Jackson Hole winter, the idea of a cold brew coffee might seem unconventional. Yet, its unique charm lies in its versatility - a refreshing alternative to hot beverages, offering a smooth, sweet, and less acidic experience that's enjoyable even during the colder months.

Cold brew can be a delightful contrast to the winter weather, or a reminiscence of summer's warmth in the comfort of your home. Let’s delve into the art of crafting the perfect cold brew, transforming your kitchen into a haven of coffee exploration.

Mekki Jaidi, formerly in New York finance, founded Outpost in Jackson Hole in 2014. He expanded into O2 Cleaning, Terrain, and Provisions. In 2021, he acquired Snake River Roasting Co. He actively contributes to the Jackson Hole community through nonprofit work and lives there with his wife, two daughters, and son.​

What You Need:

•   Coarse-ground coffee: A must for the ideal extraction.
•   Cold, filtered water: Ensures clarity and purity in flavor.
•   A large jar or pitcher: For steeping the coffee.
•   A strainer or cheesecloth: To separate the grounds from the brew.
•   Patience: Cold brew requires a longer brewing time.

Equipped with these simple tools and ingredients, you’re now ready to embark on your cold brew crafting journey.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Follow these straightforward steps to transform your coarse coffee grounds into a delectably smooth cold brew.

The Ratio

Start with a standard ratio of 1:8 (coffee to water) for a balanced brew. You can adjust this to suit your taste.

Grind Matters

The coarse grind is key to a smooth cold brew, preventing over-extraction and bitterness.

Mix and Steep

Combine your coarse coffee grounds with cold, filtered water in your jar or pitcher. Stir gently to ensure all grounds are saturated.

Waiting Game

Cover and leave your mixture to steep at room temperature or in your refrigerator. This process takes about 12-24 hours, depending on how strong you like your cold brew.


Once steeped, strain your brew through a cheesecloth or a fine-mesh strainer to remove the coffee grounds. For an extra-clear brew, strain twice.


Serve your cold brew over ice, diluted with water or milk as per your preference.

Crafting the perfect cold brew is a journey of exploration. While traditionally made with espresso blends like our White Spider Espresso (more on that below), feel free to experiment with various roasts, including those designed for drip coffee.

Adjusting the grind size can shorten brew time, while playing with the coffee-to-water ratio or brewing duration offers a spectrum of flavors. Each tweak is a step towards discovering your ideal cold brew profile, so dive in and enjoy the adventure of taste!

End Notes: A Brew Finale with White Spider

As the enchanting winter landscape of Jackson Hole unfolds, indulge in the unique pleasure of a cold brew made from our White Spider Espresso. This award-winning blend, celebrated for its full body and smooth profile with notes of salted caramel, brownie, and sweet cream, is not only a favorite in our coffee shop but has also been featured in other establishments across the valley.

Its versatility shines through, whether enjoyed as a hot espresso or as a cold brew, providing a robust flavor that stands up brilliantly in any milk-based drink.

Brewed at the high elevations of Jackson Hole, White Spider Espresso captures the essence of adventure and exhilaration, much like the iconic White Spider climb at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, after which it is named.

So, this winter, let the White Spider Espresso invigorate your days with its bold and luxurious flavor, a true testament to the coffee craftsmanship at Snake River Roasting Co. Discover more about this exceptional blend and its journey from bean to cup here.

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