Environmental Impact

Coffee with a Conscience: Prioritizing Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

At Snake River Roasting Co., we believe coffee has the power to affect change, improve lives and protect our natural resources. It’s our philosophy that great coffee requires a commitment to the land that grows it, and to the individuals whose lives and livelihoods depend on it.

We don’t take that responsibility lightly. It’s why we only use sustainably-sourced coffees – and always have. It’s why we use green power, continually seek to reduce our environmental footprint and why we support initiatives to reduce waste, foster ecological awareness and conserve local lands and waters. 

And, for us, sustainability doesn’t stop at the environment. It means investing our resources to foster fair and equitable trade relationships and to empower individuals at every point along the supply chain. 

We care deeply about the men and women who rely on the coffee trade to support their families. They are our partners, and we take every opportunity to support them. Like by using only coffees that exceed Fair Trade standards and by partnering with Café Femenino, a women-owned and operated cooperative, to empower women farmers in rural parts of the world. 

Snake River Roasting Co. is founded on the principles of stewardship—to our fellow men and women, to our environment, and to long-term sustainability. It’s not the easiest way of doing business—but it’s the right way. And we believe it shows.