January 5, 2024

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Brewing a New Path in Jackson Hole

Brewing a New Path in Jackson Hole

Hello! I'm Ellie Crown, SRRC's Client Relations Rep.

Written by Ellie Crown

Photos by Taylor Glenn

Updated on January 5, 2024

A Southern Beginning

I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, where the everday buzz of the city was a distant hum and the comforting scent of my mom's coffee at home was a daily precence. Coffee was my mother’s ritual and my interests were yet to align with hers in that regard.

Instead, I found myself drawn to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship during my high school years, where I led a cosmetics sales team. This experience wasn’t just about business; it was about connecting with people, understanding their stories, and learning the art of engagement – skills that would later become the cornerstone of my career.

Ellie Crown, originally from Atlanta's suburbs, started in cosmetics sales and studied apparel and textiles at the University of Alabama. Post-college, she moved to Jackson Hole, working in a flower shop before joining Snake River Roasting Company. In her free time, Ellie cherishes outdoor adventures like hiking, skiing, and rafting, and loves leisurely walks with her dog, Sushi.

As I stepped into the halls of the University of Alabama, my journey took a creative turn. Majoring in apparel and textiles, with a focus on fashion merchandising, I discovered the interplay between aesthetic expression and business strategy.

This was a period of exploration, where the threads of my creativity were interwoven with a growing understanding of commerce. It was here that the seeds of customer service excellence were sown, blending my artistic passions with a developing business acumen.

Discovering my heart in Jackson Hole

Post-graduation, drawn by the allure of adventure and a sense of belonging, I found myself in Jackson Hole. This was more than a change of scenery; it was a leap into a life deeply connected with nature and community.

Initially, I worked at a local flower shop, embracing the town’s small-town charm. The serene walks with my husky, Sushi, across the stunning landscapes of Jackson Hole, became my moments of reflection and connection.

A Serendipitous Shift

It was during this chapter that my path unexpectedly intersected with Snake River Roasting Company. Initially aspiring to join Outpost, my skills and background opened a different door – one that led to the aromatic world of coffee. Here, at Snake River, I discovered a passion I never knew I had. Immersing myself in the art of coffee, I found parallels between my past experiences and this new venture. The skills honed in customer interaction, the creativity nurtured in fashion merchandising, all found their place in the tapestry of my role at Snake River.

Today, as a vital member of the Snake River family, my story is an ongoing narrative of growth, passion, and connection. The entrepreneurial spirit that sparked in my youth continues to fuel my ambitions, while the lessons learned along the way resonate in my everyday interactions. From the vibrant streets of Atlanta to the majestic backdrop of Jackson Hole, my journey has been one of weaving diverse experiences into a life that’s as rich and nuanced as the coffee I’ve grown to love.

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