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Snake River Coffees on National Stage


It’s an understatement to call it an exciting few weeks at Snake River Roasting with two bronze medals at Golden Bean North America, advancing to the ‘sweet sixteen’ in America’s Best Cold Brew competition and the quarter finals of America’s Best Espresso competition. (At the West Coast Coffee Fest.)

For years, microbreweries have created events and competitions to showcase their products, compare notes with their peers, and generate interest with the public. We haven’t kept up in the coffee industry. We’ve had barista and latte art competitions, but very little for roasted coffee and espresso quality.

This was the second year for the Golden Bean North America competition, where there were over 250 roasters competing with over 700 coffees. Our new White Spider espresso blend won a bronze medal in Organic Espresso and milk-based espresso.

Our application to compete in the two Coffee Fest competitions was accepted and we got right to work! Our Gee’s Supafly Coldbrew was a huge hit, served by Susan Hahn and Leah Sostman. We were knocked out of the single-elimination competition by legendary Martin Diedrich of Kean Coffee.

Hannah Daniel was the barista and Jen Vickland the roaster for our White Spider’s reappearance. We got comments like, “I could drink this all day long” and “You nailed the Italian Style roasting with this crema”. They were blown away by the up-front sweetness, body, and crema. We were narrowly eliminated by a roaster from Boulder, who ended up winning 2nd place.

(An interesting side-note is that both of us are all-organic roasters. Several years ago, organics couldn’t have been competitive at that level. Organic growers’ products are now indistinguishable from non-organic coffees. We’ve come a long way.)

We were excited about the coffees we were able to source this year and have spent a lot of time working out the profiles. Check out our new Café Femenino Guatemala Nahuala and our White Spider espresso blend, hitting store shelves soon!

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