Born and raised in Jackson Hole, Snake River Roasting Co reflects the spirit and culture of Wyoming in each of our coffees: Adventurous. Dynamic. Accessible. Steeped in tradition yet boldly innovative, our award-winning coffees hold up to the finest craft roasts in the country. With an appeal for every type of coffee drinker, our blends and single-origins are as much at home on the mountain, river or backcountry as they are in a local coffee bar. From seed to cup we take pride in our product at every stage to ensure you get a great cup every time.

Jennifer Vickland: Roaster

20 yrs JH, 9 yrs coffee industry
Former Barista
Certified Golden Cup Tech
Professional Bartender 

    Margo Askins: Roaster

    Professional Barista
    Owns & Runs The Nomadic Bean
    Snowboarder, Snowmobiler, Fisherman

    Susan Hahn: Lead Trainer 

    Coffee Technicians Guild
    Barista, Brewing/Extraction
    14 yrs JH, 16 yrs coffee industry
    Snowboard instructor JHMR

    Ruth Ann Petroff: Founder, Manager

    Roasters Guild
    Certified Barista & Golden Cup Tech
    29 yrs JH, 14 yrs coffee industry
    Tennis, Hiker, Biker,

    Mark Barron: Founder 

    Equipment Tech Coordinator 
    42 yrs JH, 16 yrs Coffee
    Laundry Man
    Former Jackson Mayor 12 yrs
    Skier, Hiker, Biker

    Peter Long: Trends & Opportunities

    Born & Raised on Moran JH ranch
    Therapeutic Riding Board
    Hiker, Biker, Fisher

    Savanna Garnick: Distribution

    Certified Barista
    Born & Raised on Moran JH ranch
    Actress, Model, Marathoner

    Hannah Daniel: Competition Barista

    Certified Barista & Golden Cup Tech
    Born & Raised in JH, 16 yrs coffee 
    Artist, Jewelry Maker, Mom

    Leidy Olivas: Operations

    Former Barista Hard Drive Café
    Raised in Teton Valley, Idaho
    11 yrs coffee industry
    Mom & Eternal Optimist

    John Koenig:
    Blend/Profile Development

    Court of Master Level 2
    Certified Sommelier
    Amangani Restaurant Manager
    Skiier, Hunter, Mountain Biker,

    Jackson Hole Coffee

    Café Femenino

    At Snake River Roasting we believe coffee can be so much more than simply what gets us out of bed in the morning. That it has the potential to transform lives and catalyze social change. To empower and lift up others.

    That’s why we partnered with Café Femenino—a coop founded to empower women in rural coffee growing regions around the world. In places where women have long been marginalized, Café Femenino is creating opportunity. Great coffee with a great mission.

    Read more about Café Femenino programs.

    Read more about SRRCo’s most recent Café Femenino grant.