Snake River Roasting Co. (SRRC) was founded on the principles of good stewardship – to our fellow men and women, to our environment, and to long-term sustainability. With Golden Bean award-winning specialty coffee, we source nothing but specialty grade coffee or higher, and search around the globe for the best beans we can find. Great coffee requires commitment to the land that grows it, and to the individuals whose lives and livelihoods depend on it. 

We, therefore, believe that the relationships we invest in are just as important as the processes we use to make environmentally sound and sustainable coffee. One example of this is our partnership with Onyx Coffee, an Oregon-based Guatemalan coffee importing company committed to supporting the country’s vibrant and extensive rural coffee farming communities. Through similar partnerships, we continue to thoughtfully and ethically source our beans from around the globe. 

We are similarly committed to building and nurturing a strong presence in our local community. Partnering with local non-profit organizations such as the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust, we recognize the challenges that come with living and working in our mountain town, and work daily to be a good employer and steward of this community. 

Under the helm of a strong, female-run roasting team, we are particularly passionate about elevating women throughout the coffee industry. From seed to cup, we strive to empower every woman along the supply chain to continue to develop and strengthen their foothold within the world of coffee.  

We are continuously looking for new partnerships with groups whose values align with ours. 

Onyx Coffee

Felipe Martinez began cultivating coffee in the remote highlands of Huehuetenango nearly 50 years ago. Today, his grandson Edwin Martinez continues the family’s legacy through Onyx Coffee. With his roots deeply planted in Guatemala’s remote coffee farming community, Martinez understands first hand the challenges, and triumphs, that come with growing coffee. Dedicated to nurturing enduring relationships, improving market access and building sustainable solutions for smallholder producers in remote regions of Guatemala, Onyx Coffee brings unique and beautiful coffee beans of Guatemala into the United States. 

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust

Our business exists because of people who believe in us, trust us, and support us. The Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust makes it possible for our community to continue to thrive by making housing attainable for the hardworking, essential citizens who are the backbone of this town. Please consider supporting this vital organization by donating when you check out at the cafe. Every dollar counts.

Hole Food Rescue

About a third of the Teton Community struggles with food insecurity. Since its inception in 2012, Hole Food Rescue has been rescuing perfectly good, edible food destined for the landfill from grocery stores and restaurants all over town. This food is then repurposed to help the members of our community in need of aid for food security. We partner with them as we believe in the dual purpose of their mission: to reduce waste while reducing hunger.

Learn more about partnering with SRRC. We hope to work with you soon!