Win The Perfect Camping Kitchen Gear With nCamp!

By Ruth Ann Petroff

We spend a lot of time outside, and we are always testing new products to see what works best in all conditions. Who doesn't like a hot cup of coffee after a night of camping?

When purchasing gear it is incredibly important to us is that it is compact, lightweight and easy to use. This is how we crossed paths with nCamp! A love of the outdoors converging with a passion for problem-solving and product development resulted in nCamp. They believe that camping gear should never be a burden, only a tool that places an emphasis on experiencing the outdoors, packing small, and adventuring big. Existing wood-burning camp stoves are bulky because of the nature of a combustion chamber, so nCamp explored ways to reduce bulk and experimented with a collapsible chamber. After a series of prototypes, and lots of testing, they developed and patented a compact wood-burning stove, and nCamp was born. Cooking while camping often involves carrying bulky hardware and fuel, the struggle to keep utensils clean and the ever-present chance of running out of fuel. Why not use wood from the forest as fuel?

nCamp now has a line of products that seamlessly work together or can be used on their own. Each product is focused on being compact, elevating the camping experience and reducing weight. To further show their commitment to the natural world, nCamp will return 1% of its profits to organizations that support getting people outdoors, preserving and restoring the natural world, and promoting conservation-related programs.

And it is because of all this that we collaborated with nCamp to bring you a fantastic giveaway contest on Instagram starting today and ending on December 7th. Head over to either the nCamp Instagram page or the Snake River Roasting Co. Instagram page to enter today! Prizes include 3 bags of coffee and the nCamp Cafe!

nCamp Cafe

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