Wild Iris: The Story Behind The Roast
You may have noticed a bit of buzz on our Instagram and Facebook pages this week as we proudly introduced you to our new organic espresso blend, Wild Iris

We dedicated a great deal of time developing this roast. It is built on a natural process Ethiopia for popping berry flavors and anchored with two coffees that add a chocolatey texture, dimension, and depth. Though developed as an espresso, it’s our current favorite drip blend at the roaster.

Wild Iris is also a tribute to our Lander, Wyoming neighbors. We like to say that this roast is as strong and beautiful as a mountain flower blooming in the spring desert. So many of you have our coffee shipped to you, so we know it reaches wide and far.  This is also why we believe it is important to share the story behind our blends.

Located in central Wyoming, the remote town of Lander is home to our friends at NOLS and has an incredible climbing scene. Wild Iris is located at Limestone Mountain and is one of the most stunning climbing areas in the country. It always makes us think of warm sunshine, late summer days and Aspen trees.

Our Wild Iris espresso spent the fall capturing hearts across the country. This dynamic roast was a silver medal winner at the recent Golden Bean North America competition in the Organic Espresso category.

Wild Iris Espresso
In total Snake River Roasting Co. walked away with a whopping 13 medals at the competition. A record 900 coffees were entered in the Portland event. In its fourth year, Golden Bean is the first competition of it’s kind in North America. It has given roasters the opportunity both to compete in various espresso competitions and to taste the work of other roasters across the country to perfect our craft.

Bring the wild of Wyoming into your morning cup and order your first batch of Wild Iris today.



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