We'll See You At Golden Bean North America!

By Ruth Ann Petroff
We'll See You At Golden Bean North America!
Snake River Roasting Co. is heading to Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday for the Golden Bean North America Roaster competition!
Some of you may remember last year when our small Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based roastery swept the Portland, Oregon Golden Bean North America competition with a whopping 13 medals! A record 900 coffees entered in the Portland event, and we were honored to be amongst the finest craft roasts in the country. The Golden Bean North America competition, now in its fifth year, has allowed roasters to compete in various espresso competitions and to taste the work of other roasters across the country to perfect our craft.

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Our big winner at last years Golden Bean North America competition and newest member of the Snake River Roasting Co. family was our Wild Iris espresso blend. Wild Iris won a silver medal in the Organic Espresso category. We spent a great deal of time developing this blend for espresso. It is built on a natural process Ethiopia for popping berry flavors and anchored with two coffees that add a chocolatey texture, dimension, and depth.

Wild Iris is a tribute to our Lander neighbors. We like to say it's as strong and beautiful as a mountain flower blooming in the spring desert. Though developed as an espresso, Wild Iris is still our current favorite drip blend in the roastery.
wyoming organic coffee
We are taking some new roasts and long-time favorites to this year's competition in Nashville while also connecting with some of the roasters from around the country who have shared their stories on our Women Who Roast platform. 
Are you interested in trying some of our award-winning roasts? Head over to our online shop and order a bag of our Wild Iris espresso blend, Ethiopia Natural Process Kilenso Mokonesia, or White Spider espresso blend today! 
Wish us luck in Nashville!

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