The People Behind The Coffee: Susan Hahn

By Ruth Ann Petroff
The People Behind The Coffee: Susan Hahn
Fresh off the plane from her trip to Australia is Susan, the Training Director at Snake River Roasting Co. Susan grew up in the heart of coffee culture, in Seattle where coffee is always on the brain. Susan met Ruth Ann when she owned Hard Drive Cafe. She began working with Ruth Ann there and slowly transitioned into working on the back end of the company. The more Ruth Ann learned about coffee culture, the more Susan did too.

These days Susan is in charge of barista training and leads the extraction program as well. This is an incredibly important aspect of our business as Susan ensures that the coffee is dialed in at each location, making sure that each cup of coffee tastes precisely as it should. Susan shared with us that she enjoys anything technical and tangible where she can fix something with her hands. What inspires her about the extraction program is the precision and science behind the scenes and in every cup of coffee.

Susan is continually expanding her role at Snake River Roasting Co. and has begun to work on the espresso machines for our customers performing installations and maintenance. One of her favorite things to do is walk away having fixed something for our customer and providing that valuable service to our community. At Snake River Roasting Co. we prioritize fixing our customer's machines because we respect and understand small businesses. We want everyone to succeed and thrive and if we can help, we will.

Susan shared that she is excited about all aspects of coffee because so much goes into the production of one cup of coffee. There are so many things to take into account including labor, geography, and finances before the beans even reach us. Knowing all of this is why we take our coffee so seriously and why we do our very best to bring out all the potential in every bean we get. It is also why we do our best to educate whoever it reaches next.

Susan also loves that she gets to do all of this here in Jackson Hole! She shared that one of the biggest perks of working here is having a boss who understands powder days! Susan loves that Jackson is a small community where everyone is on the same page and communicates with an unspoken language that is understood in the smiles we share. You have to have a lot of commonalities to make life work in a mountain town. Winter is definitely a special time of year where everyone waiting for the same thing and excited about the same thing - snow!

Something that Susan enjoys about Snake River Roasting Co. is how we tie our branding and blend names to the stories of our community. Everyone who comes to the Tetons and Jackson Hole enjoys it but the people who live here really understand the backstory and the nod to local legends and landmarks. It is this story that we want to share with each of our customers.
Snake River Roasting Co.
We sat down with Susan and asked her a few questions!

What do you love about living in Jackson, Wyoming?
I moved here to snowboard 14 years ago and fell in love with this fierce community.

Do you have a favorite restaurant here in Jackson?
A hazelnut latte from Picnic always hits the spot.

Do you have a favorite Snake River Roasting Co. roast?
I probably have one for each day of the week! Right now I am enjoying the fullness of Lithium.

What is your favorite method of making coffee?
Aeropress creates a concentrated, smooth cup that is hard to beat.

Tell us something that we may not know about you.
I was born in England, I love to draw, and I love Halloween!
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  • eric j ROSELL on January 01, 2019

    I’ve dealt with Susan on various occasions, in the coffee equipment world and she she nothing but sweet, genuine, and immensely knowledge about her product. Not surprising, as those are the people who flock to SRRC. Ruth Ann creates a nurtures a great environment. I love everything about thins company! -eric.

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