The People Behind The Coffee: Margo Askins

Margo Askins: Lead Roaster

Margo was born in Sarasota, Florida and moved to Jackson about six years ago.  The reasons behind her initial move to Jackson are still the reasons why she loves it to this day: snow, mountains, and a small town feel that has great food and incredible coffee. Jackson is so remote yet connected to culture at the same time.

It was Margo's grandmother that sparked her love for coffee at age 8. A cup of decaf with lots of cream and sugar was how coffee was first introduced to Margo. And while many other people have influenced her taste in food and drinks through the years, it was that first experience with her grandmother that began a life-long love story with coffee.

Margo initially honed her coffee skills by working at a friends coffee cart.  When an opportunity presented itself for her to purchase her own equipment she made the leap and created The Nomadic Bean which is her espresso catering service.  Her intention was to start roasting with the money she made from catering through The Nomadic Bean. It was at this same time that she collaborated with Snake River Roasting Co. and took on the role of the lead roaster. Funny how things work out! It is here that Margo says she enjoys the challenge of a growing business, learning and growing as a roaster and working in a family environment with people she truly loves.

But what is it about roasting that keeps Margo and so many others passionate about this craft? Margo shared with us that she loves learning and expanding her skill set. Roasting is a natural fit as it is a constantly evolving learning process. Coffee is such a big part of so many of our lives and daily routines, why wouldn't we want to know what creates the perfect cup? 

Part of what keeps Margo intrigued about this industry is that there is so much more to get the coffee into your cup every morning than people are aware of. As with many of the products we use and food we eat on a daily basis, people are disconnected from where their coffee is coming from and how much energy goes into each and every cup.  Margo shared that she enjoys Indonesian coffees due to their depth. She finds Indonesian coffees to be an earthier cup that is both comforting and full of substance. 

We sat down with Margo and asked her a few questions!
What do you love about living in Jackson, Wyoming?
We moved here for the winters! I absolutely love the mountains and the amount of snow we get here. I also love the summers and the fishing along with exploring all of Wyoming! The size of Jackson keeps it feeling like a small town even with all of the summer traffic. I also appreciate the commitment to keeping it as local as possible, i.e., the lack of big box stores... even though we have a few. It’s great to have local businesses that are actually supported and successful!

Do you have a favorite restaurant here in Jackson?
My go-to restaurants are either Thai Plate or El Abuelito. If we’re feeling fancy, it’s King Sushi!

Do you have a favorite Snake River Roasting Co. roast?
I am partial to the Calamity Jane blend, I really enjoy the balance of body and sparkle in the cup! I tend to have favorites according to what I'm doing at the moment, for fall I'm really digging the Roam Wyoming Blend. It has a heartiness from the Papua New Guinea, great body from the Sumatra, sweetness of the Brazil and the delicious blueberry of the Sidamo... it's like fall in a cup!

What is your favorite method of making coffee?
My coffee making method differs depending on the day and amount of time I have to drink coffee. On work days I use an Aeropress. It’s fast and makes a delicious americano. On the weekends, when I can casually lounge and drink coffee, I go with the Chemex and a single origin coffee to really appreciate the flavors.

Tell us something that we may not know about you.
I have an affinity for horror movies and travel to Telluride for Gnaw Telluride Horror show almost every year!!


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Margo is a coffee wizard!! Her palate is incredible.

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