The Importance Of Coffee Extraction Methods

By Ruth Ann Petroff
The Importance Of Coffee Extraction Methods
Some of you may have noticed the recent addition to our online shop - The Art Of Brew Guide! We created this easy-to-use guide to educate and encourage our customers to learn about the variety of extraction methods available to them and make the perfect cup of coffee each and every time.

coffee brewing guide
Raise your hand if you were raised in a home where coffee lived pre-ground in the freezer and was scooped into a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker each morning with the precision that a toddler would use to pour a bowl of cereal. You are not alone! We all grew up in that house, and we all carried those practices into adulthood because muscle memory is strong and because no one showed us another way. Then, if you are anything like us, you began to notice that your order in the coffee shop always tastes just THAT much better than the coffee you make at home. Why? How? What is the magic formula that your local coffee shop barista is using?

Well, now you have it, folks! Our Art of Brew Guide is a short, simple, and straightforward guide to brewing no matter how you make your coffee.

The formula seems fairly obvious. Grind fresh coffee beans, place in a french press, automatic coffee maker, Chemex, Aeropress or Moka pot, add hot water, and wait for greatness. But as we have learned, that's not all we have to take into account. We pay attention to the type of roast we are brewing, how the coffee is ground, the ratio of coffee to water, water temperature, and how long we brew our cup.

We try to answer as many of your brewing questions on social media, and at our monthly workshops we host at the roaster, but we realized that a home brewing guide would better meet your needs.

Head to our online shop and add the Art of Brew Guide to your next order.

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