Snake River Roasting Wins Big at National Competition

Snake River Roasting Wins Big at National Competition

Takes home awards in four (4) of eight (8) categories.

In the first-of-its-kind coffee tasting competition in the U.S., Snake River Roasting Company took home four bronze medals at the Golden Bean North America event, held in Portland, Oregon from September 16-18, 2015. Over 60 industry professionals judged the coffees in 8 different categories – all espresso related. Snake River Roasting entered in 6 categories. “We’re particularly proud of our natural process Ethiopia Sidamo,” which won a medal in the Single-Origin Espresso category. “It’s a beautiful, sweet coffee with complex fruit and citrus flavors. Raspberry jam is the most pronounced flavor in our natural Sidamo, the way it’s roasted,” said Head Roaster, Jennifer Vickland. She designs her roast profiles to bring out the inherent flavors in each coffee bean and spends hours creating those profiles for our small batch, craft roasting process. Our Swiss Water Process Sleeping Indian Decaf medaled in the decaf Espresso category. S-Turns espresso blend won a medal in both the Espresso category and the Organic Espresso category. “S-turns blend has evolved over the years to a fantastic, smooth coffee. It’s light enough to bring out the coffee’s qualities, while being strong enough to punch through milk for a silky sweet latte,” says co-owner Ruth Ann Petroff. “We’re thrilled that the amount of work we’ve put into this coffee blend has been recognized.” “Sourcing coffee beans from a new importer has really elevated our level,” said general manager Hannah Daniel. “We have access to world-class coffees and the availability of these coffees as certified organic products, which is our standard, increases every year.” Snake River Roasting Company has been crafting artisan coffees since 2007 and currently has a 5-woman staff of coffee experts who are certified in many aspects of coffee roasting and preparation. Our coffees are served in many restaurants, hotels, and cafes, are stocked by local grocers, and can be found online at



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