Snake River Roasting Co. Wins Big At The Golden Bean North American Coffee Roasters Competition!

By Ruth Ann Petroff
Golden Bean North America
Jackson Hole coffee roaster Snake River Roasting Co. is celebrating after winning twelve medals at the 2019 Golden Bean North America coffee roaster competition in Nashville, TN! 

This is the fifth year that the Jackson, Wyoming business has entered and won awards in multiple categories of this prestigious competition. In 2018. Snake River Roasting Co. won 13 awards at the Golden Bean North America competition in Portland, Oregon.


Golden Bean North America

"We are honored to be recognized and celebrated once again at this prestigious roasting competition. This year our entire team from delivery drivers to roasters to service technicians attended the event together. We are a small team, and every one of us is passionate about the coffees we produce and invested in the connection we have with our customers. The Golden Bean North America competition is an unparalleled learning experience for us. Tasting 1,300 coffees from around the U.S. provides us the opportunity to learn about coffee trends and standards while encouraging us to elevate our roasting profiles!" said Ruth Ann Petroff, business owner.


Golden Bean North America

Born and raised in Jackson Hole in 2007, Snake River Roasting Co. reflects the spirit and culture of Wyoming in each of their coffees: Adventurous. Dynamic. Accessible. Steeped in tradition yet boldly innovative, the award-winning coffees hold up to the finest craft roasts in the country. With an appeal for every type of coffee drinker, the blends and single-origins are as much at home on the mountain, river or back-country as they are in a local coffee bar. 


Golden Bean North America Winner

Snake River Roasting Co. strives to bridge the divide between the fast-moving world of coffee and real, everyday coffee drinkers with exceptional, small-batch blends and single origins. Coffee is a collaborative experience, and the team at Snake River Roasting Co. strives to break down barriers and increase awareness at every level.

From seed to cup Snake River Roasting Co. takes pride in their roasts at every stage. That is why this all-women coffee roaster partners with Café Femenino – a women-owned and run coffee cooperative that is empowering female farmers in developing countries. As a women-owned business, it is a powerful way for SRRC to give back – not to mention, these farms are producing great coffees.


Golden Bean North America winner

The Golden Bean is the world's largest coffee roasters competition and conference. This competition endeavors to find North America's best coffee roasting business with coffees being judged as Espresso, Milk, and Filter beverages with medals awarded 11 award categories. Customers looking to purchase the award-winning Snake River Roasting Co. coffees are encouraged to visit for more information.

The award-winning coffees are as follows:
  1. North America (Milk Based) // Bronze // Dominican Republic Ramirez Estate
  2. North America (Milk Based) // Bronze // Haitian Blue
  3. Single Origin Espresso // Bronze // Dominican Republic Ramirez Estate
  4. Single Origin Espresso // Bronze // Ethiopia
  5. Organic Espresso // Bronze // Alpenglow
  6. Organic Espresso // Bronze // Roam Wyoming
  7. Organic Espresso // Bronze // White Spider
  8. Organic Espresso // Bronze // Petticoat Suffragette Blend
  9. Filter // Bronze // Kenya Kiambu Muiri Estate
  10. Filter // Bronze // Fire On The Mountain
  11. Milk Based // Bronze // Roam Wyoming
  12. Espresso // Bronze // Petticoat Suffragette Blend
Snake River Roasting Co. coffees are available on the shelves at grocers and markets in Jackson, Alpine, Victor and Driggs. Some customer favorites are served in local cafes like Cultivate Cafe, Picnic, and Jackson Whole Grocer Cafe. Wyoming lodging establishments like Anvil Hotel, Jackson Hole Resort Lodging, Amangani, Outpost, and Lexington also offer Snake River Roasting Co. coffees to their guests.

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