Snake River Roasting Co K-Cups!

By Snake River Roasting Co
Snake River Roasting Co K-Cups!
Artisan micro-roasters have avoided the single-serve, K-cup coffee market, imagining: "Maybe if we ignore it, it will disappear."  We have honed our craft roasting to bring out the best inherent bean flavors and aromas.  Since single-serve cup brewing doesn't enable full coffee flavor extraction, it seems counter-productive to work so hard to achieve roasting profiles that won't be maximized. What cannot be ignored is the ease of Keurig and other brands of single serve brewers.  Even specialty coffee lovers are brewing this way, at times when convenience trumps taste.   It's been reported that more than 20% of coffee drinkers use single-serve.  Reusable brew cups seemed a compromise, but the time it takes to grind coffee and clean the cups have countered the convenience of using the method in the first place.

Last winter, Snake River Roasting Company began to test single-serve extraction using refractometers and realized we could offer a significantly better product than is currently on the market.  We experimented with a mesh cup instead of solid plastic.  We tested different grinds and coffee amounts at different post-roast timeframes.  We tested different coffee varieties to discover which were best suited to this brew.

We're now unveiling the first true specialty, artisan coffee in single-serve brew cups in the region.  A better cup design and fresher roast; packaged in one-way valve bags.  The roast date is stamped on the package, just like our coffees, assuring freshness.

We are packaging Arabica coffees from the top growers in the world and all of our coffees are certified organic.  We've done this right, done it locally, and people are noticing.  The outstanding flavor of these coffees is creating quite a buzz.

Wholesale and business orders can be placed at 307-734-9446 or  Retail bags are available at Jackson Whole Grocer and Albertson's.

The cups are recyclable, but we don't recycle #5 plastic in Teton County.  SRRC is taking cups to Idaho Falls every other week.  You are welcome to drop them off at our warehouse or we can pick up used cups from your business when we drop off your order.  They are very easy to recycle - you can even leave the coffee grounds in the cups!

Snake River Roasting Company donates 1% of our sales to local environmental causes, as members of 1% for the Planet and 1% for the Tetons.

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