Join Us For A Day Of Coffee Training!

By Ruth Ann Petroff
Join Us For A Day Of Coffee Training!
Our mission here at Snake River Roasting Co. has always been to offer support to our community in three areas: organic coffee, education about the process from seed to cup, and equipment sales, installation and maintenance.

Join us for our one-day coffee immersion class that touches on each of these topics. Our class will be held at the roaster located at 3610 Southpark Drive in Jackson on Thursday, May 23rd from 8:30am - 5:30pm. During this class, we will explore all aspects of coffee from seed-to-cup! Whether you are an at-home coffee drinker, a cafe owner, a barista, or completely new to the world of coffee, this is the class for you.


The line-up is as follows:

8:30am - Seed To Cup Basics
The basics of how coffee is grown, processed, transported, roasted, and brewed.

9:30am - Tasting Class
Taste a wide variety of coffees and learn to identify what coffee professionals evaluate: body, acidity, flavor, aftertaste, taints and more.

11:00am - Le Nez Du Cafe
This exercise will build your confidence in identifying aromatics in coffee.

1:30pm - Extraction Basics
The science of which coffee solids end up in your cup and the dramatically different results, positive and negative, that are possible.

2:00pm - Brewing Basics
Brew equipment operation, cleaning and using our extraction knowledge to set equipment to impact the flavor in your cup positively.

3:00pm - Espresso Basics
Learn to make the perfect espresso shot, microfilm milk, and maintain your espresso equipment.

4:30pm - Hands-on Practice
Optional time to work with us to perfect your espresso drink preparation.

Curious about this offering? Click here to read a write-up from the coffee training we hosted at the roaster in October. 

Want to register for this class? Sign up before May 16th and receive the exclusive rate of $150 per ticket. Email to reserve your spot today.

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