By Ruth Ann Petroff
Back in April, you might remember that mountains of snow still surrounded Jackson Hole. Up at the roaster, we were experiencing a bit of cabin fever after months of the heaviest snowfall ever. After what felt like a winter of being exiled North of the wall we decided we needed some company with whom we could freely to talk shop. But admittedly our winter of snow-covered isolation made us a bit...awkward and so instead of grabbing the first tourist we could find and chatting their ears off, we headed over to Instagram and created a sharing platform called Women Who Roast!

When we first thought of building this space, we were hoping to create conversation, connection, and some community with other women coffee roasters in our area. We never thought we would be able to connect with women from around the world. We posted a request for participants to submit their stories to us and wondered if anyone would want to talk story about roasting. I mean, are we the only ones who kind of nerd out about it? Well, much to our surprise, in just four months, we have had the privilege of sharing stories of 11 incredible women roasters with many more to come.

women who roast
So here is your formal invitation not only to visit our @WomenWhoRoast Instagram page and read through the stories but also to nominate a woman doing the excellent work of roasting your morning cup! We want to hear every story. Tell us how you started roasting, your concerns and criticisms of this industry, your thoughts about certifications and ethical sourcing. One subject we try to include in every share is advice for other women interested in learning this craft.

Thank you to this wonderful community for lifting up our voices. Every like, every comment, every share, every tag, and every story connects us.

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