Introducing Teton Tea!
We’re fired up about our new line of organic teas at Snake River Roasting Co.! Created by Teton Valley resident Kathi Zollman, of Coffee Holding Company, you’ll be astonished by the exquisite flavors these teas produce. Kathi is best known for her extensive contribution to the science of coffee roasting, her published work in Roast magazine, and her contributions to the curriculum of the Specialty Coffee Association’s educational standards. Her expertise in tasting and identifying flavors, and understanding the balance of flavors in a beverage, made her the perfect fit for developing this exclusive line of teas. The teas that are distributed by SRRC will be the organic line of Teton Tea. We are offering four teas in pyramid sachets, including a breakfast tea, which is full bodied with malty, toasty notes, and blends well with milk.   The Earl Grey tea blend includes organic cornflower, natural bergamot, and lemon oil and has black tea character with zesty citrus aroma and flavor. Ginger Lemongrass herbal tea has ginger pieces, lemongrass, lemon peel, licorice, spearmint and produces mild sweetness with citrus and the green Sencha tea is crisp, sweet and nutty. We also offer an iced tea filter pack called Snow Crush Cherry, which blends organic green tea, red fruit and strawberry and produces a sweet, tart, creamy vanilla texture. Order from Snake River Roasting Co by email at or order online at Click here to see our selection!



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