Amazing Things Happen In Jackson Hole When Women Support Women
On Friday, November 2, 2018, we proudly donated 30 gallons of our Lithium Blend coffee to fuel the Womentum Leadership Summit here in Jackson!

Every November, Womentum hosts the annual Women in Leadership Luncheon to increase knowledge and awareness of women's issues. Speakers have included author Marie C. Wilson, former Wyoming First Lady Nancy Freudenthal, Wyoming Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Kite, artist and author Jennifer Lowe-Anker, Chairman and CEO of Style for Hire Cindy McLaughlin, First Western Trust's Director of Philanthropy Alexis Owen, and Founder and CEO of Climb Wyoming Dr. Ray Dineen Fleming. The annual Women in Leadership Luncheon is Womentum's signature event and fundraiser.

This year, the Women in Leadership Summit explored the theme of “Courage to Lead.” Keynote speaker Bettina Whyte addressed the courage to be true to yourself, being a female leader in a predominantly male field and the importance of having mentors.

We felt that our Lithium blend was the perfect coffee to donate to this fantastic event. But what makes this blend so special? Our Lithium blend is made from Café Femenino coffee beans. These beans are grown by women, imported by women, and roasted by women!

cafe femenino

In 2004, women farmers in northern Peru decided to shift the dynamic by separating their coffee production from men. At that moment, this group of women created their own product and income. Their coffee cooperative CECANOR joined their commercial partner Organic Products Trading Company (OPTCO) to create Café Femenino—a gender-focused program to support social justice and empowerment for women coffee producers worldwide.

To participate, Café Femenino cooperatives must provide their women farmers with access to a host of political and economic benefits, including legal rights to the land on which they farm, leadership positions within the cooperatives, financial and business decision-making power, and direct payment for their coffee.

Looking for ways to support women farmers and roasters?

As we said, amazing things happen when women support women.

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