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jackson-hole-coffee-aboutSnake River Roasting Company started in 2007 with Ruth Ann Petroff and her husband, Mark Barron. After owning a coffee bar in Jackson for seven years, they recognized the potential in Jackson, with a burgeoning food and art culture, to have world-class coffees freshly roasted in Jackson Hole. This was born of a desire for an art and science studio, committed to taking the Jackson Hole coffee community to a new level.

Certified organic coffees are the foundation of our product line and a commitment to sustainable business practices is integral to our philosophy.

Sourcing some of the finest coffees from around the world, we develop roast ‘profiles’ to bring out the best flavor characteristics in each bean. We hand roast in small batches, which allows us the flexibility to closely match these roasts once the profiles are developed, meaning less margin of error and the ability to hone in on specifics. Amazing coffees,             brought to their full potential.

Meet Our Team

Ruth Ann Petroff


Ruth Ann moved to Jackson in 1988 and has spent her career in the hospitality industry. Her love of coffee led her to open an espresso bar in 2003. She holds barista guild, roaster’s guild, and SCAA certificates in various aspects of buying, evaluating, roasting and preparing beverages.

Mark Barron


Owning High Country Linen Service has immersed Mark in hospitality. He’s lived in Jackson since the mid-seventies and served as Jackson’s mayor for twelve years. Mark’s talent for details makes him the perfect manager for the equipment side of the business.

Hannah Daniel


Hannah Daniel is a graduate of Architecture and a Jackson Hole native. She brings nine years of professional coffee beverage preparation to the team and has barista guild certificates as well as SCAA certificates, including Golden Cup Technician, which is setting up drip systems to maximize the flavor potential for coffees. Hannah is a talented coffee roaster and loves to work with customers on barista and coffee training.

Megan Shervin

Distribution & Customer Service Rep

Megan is a Jackson native and a SCAA certified Golden Cup Technician. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and was a managing partner in her family’s liquor store for 7 years. Her experience in wine and liquor has contributed to her growing expertise in coffee tasting to find the perfect cup for every customer.

Jennifer Vickland

Head of Roasting Operations

Head roaster Jennifer Vickland recently took home four bronze medals in a national espresso competition.  She holds a degree in Advertising from University of Georgia Atlanta. Her career has been in professional beverage preparation, including 10 years in the coffee industry as a barista and coffee roaster. She regularly attends SCAA roasting events to keep up with the latest coffees and roasting techniques.

Susan Hahn

All the Rest

 A Seattle native, coffee has been a passion of Susan’s from her first sip. She has more than a decade of experience in beverage preparation and does a lot of our coffee trainings and promotions. With a degree in Media Production and Mass Media Communications from Oral Roberts University, she’ll be working on a new video training series this year and updating our digital presence.